2017-2018 Print Competition

The Competition is  a bit different this year. The first round of the Competition will have online entries.

For details on this year’s competition.

2016-2017 Print Competition Piece-Grandma’s Buttons

Congratulations to Irvin Stafford of Zelda’s Art World in Brooklyn, NY for winning first place in our Grandma’s Buttons Chapter Competition.  Irvin took his piece to Las Vegas in January 2016 to the National Competition and it looked fabulous!  Thanks to judges Susan Gittlen, Lisa Dromsky and Lauren Rosenthal McManus for judging.

2015-2016 Print Competition Piece-Little Birds by Chris Paschke


IMG_4469The 2015-16 PPFA competition PRINT was a set of four pieces from the Little Bird series by Chris Paschke, well-known artist represented by Wild Apple Graphics, Grand Image and Editions Limited.  Congratulations to Kristen Birdsey of Jerry’s Artarama in Lawrenceville, NJ for winning this year’s competition event. Thanks to Susan Gittlen and Lauren Rosenthal McManus for judging.


2013-14 Print Competition Piece

2013-14 Print Competition Piece

Congratulations to Ursula Hobson of Ursula Hobson Fine Framing of Philadelphia, for winning our Framing Competition.  Thanks to judges Susan Gittlen MCPF, Carla Bates CPF,  Lisa Dromsky CPF and Mark Klostermeyer MCPF for helping out with the judging.

Ursula’s Tech Specs:
“To keep the Asian spirit alive I opted to use a faux ivory frame with beaded lip to draw attention to tiny dots of embroidery on piece. The mat is linen with a 6 ply painted sub mat. The textile was hand-stitched to 4ply rag backing with a square of batting under the image to make it clear that the piece is made of fabric. My goal was to present piece as a precious object with attention to details but still keep it somewhat primitive.”
Frame:  Plaster trowelled onto stretched muslin which when dry was cracked by rolling over edge of table to  simulate ivory. Toned and glued to ½” rounded molding with added beaded fillet painted to match.
Mat: Linen wrapped on 2 ply rag with 6 ply sub mat painted with acrylic to pick up red in textile.
Backing: Hand stitched to rag with batting under image area.
Fitting: Fitted with Optium Plexiglas for clarity and protection.

“Petrolyph / Rock Art” by artist Ron York

And the winners are….
Congratulations to Carla Bates CPF of the Frame Shop for taking first place.  Second place went to Daniel Fenski of Windsor Gallery and third place was captured by Michelle Mendez and Christine Sutherland of Wallflowers Gallery.    Congratulations to Daniel Fenski of Windsor Gallery for placing first in the Open Competition. Also thanks to all who entered.  Entering the competition takes a great amount of time and thought. The entries were all creative and impressive.  Much thanks goes out to Susan Gittlen MCPF, Steve McMillion and Johanna Salvemini CPF for taking the time to judge this competition.

From left: Christine Sutherland, Michelle Mendez, Daniel Fenski and Carla Bates CPF.

2010-11 Print Competition Piece

“Fall Leaf-Blue Sky” by Linda Sutton

Congratulations to Carla Bates CPF of the Frame Shop of Conshohocken for winning the 2010-2011 Competition.
Great entry and thanks for entering,  Carla!

Thanks to Susan Gittlen MCPF of Whispering Woods Gallery, Darlene Ingraldi of the Great Frame Up in Marlton , and Robert Bottge of Framed Image for judging the event.

Fonthill Tile Competition

The tile was a challenging piece and congratulations go out to all that entered.

First Place-The Great Frame-Up of Mt. Laurel, NJ
Second Place-The Frame Shop Conshohocken, PA
Third Place-Whispering Woods Gallery of Holland, PA