Officers and Board

Metro Atlantic PPFA Needs You!
Are you in the framing industry?  Our group is run by volunteer framers and suppliers. We need your help!  Here’s what you can do to make our association a success:
-Spread the word!  Tell  a supplier, framer, photographer, designer about our group
-Attend our meetings and encourage others to come along
-Join PPFA or stay a current member
-Like us on Facebook at the bottom of this page
-Sign up for our email newsletter at the bottom of this page
Tell us what talents that you have to make our group better.  Can you take photos at meetings, make phone calls, or help plan events?
-Are you a sales rep and are able distribute our business cards and event flyers to other framers?  Just let us know here.
-If anything, keep in touch with your current email address and contact information.  Don’t be a stranger.  We are ALL devoted to our industry and want a strong future.  We can’t do it alone.

Metro Atlantic PPFA Officers and Board Members:

Johanna Salvemini CPF- President
Johanna’s Creations

Lauren McManus CPF- Vice President
Ampersand Projects

Mark Butwinski- Treasurer
Framers Products LLC

Lisa Dromsky CPF- Secretary
Night Owl Designs

Brian William CPF-Board Member
Your Claim to Frame

Susan Gittlen MCPF-Immediate Past President
Whispering Woods Gallery