Your Metro Atlantic PPFA Chapter needs You!

It’s your turn!  The current Metro Atlantic PPFA Chapter Board’s term will run out September 30th, 2012.  Our Chapter needs current members to volunteer for various positions.  See available positions and an explanation of responsibilities detailed below.  It’s a great opportunity to become more involved in your local Chapter.  The personal and business benefits are numerous.

If you would like to be considered for a position or have questions, call or email any of the current board members listed below. ASAP!  Don’t delay, now’s your chance to make a difference!

Elections will take place in the very near future. Details of how to vote to follow.  We will be saying goodbye to the current board at the September 30th meeting.  We hope that you will attend the September 30th meeting to meet your new board and give suggestions for the upcoming year.

Metro Atlantic PPFA is one of the finest PPFA chapters in the country, and with your help we can make it even better. We look forward to hearing from you.

Bart Ingraldi, CPF

Sue Gittlen, MPCF
Immediate Past President, Website,  Librarian

Robert Bottge

Suggested Officer and Board Member Duties:

Board members are all officers and directors a chapter may wish to include as the leadership team of the chapter. If possible, a board should reflect the geographical nature of the chapter and include both retailers and suppliers. The more people that are involved, the more help you will have and the larger your pool will be for future chapter leaders. While officers will have specific duties, board members should be prepared to commit their time and energy to all chapter activities, assisting officers as needed and serving on committees.

Board members are encouraged to recruit regular chapter members to become involved in the production of chapter events. This dispels the idea of “them and us” and provides an opportunity to perform an active role in their organization.

All board members should be available to chapter members, should meet and greet members at meetings and should be familiar with all the benefits PPFA has to offer.

Each officer should maintain and then pass along all records, files and other information to their successor.


Presides at all meetings, opens and closes the meetings promptly and makes sure that the minutes are published expeditiously. Must be neutral in the chair on controversial matters and must permit full discussion in all debatable motions. Respects the opinions of each individual and, after a majority rule, sees to it that the decision is carried out in a harmonious atmosphere.

Formulates the overall plans for the various activities in which the local chapter will become engaged. Should meet with all committee chairpersons to discuss definite programs and activities. A priority list should then be developed and published. This allows the entire membership to evaluate each program and become active in the area for which they are most talented.

Communicates on a regular basis, to the membership to keep them informed about chapter activities. An annual report should be prepared evaluating each of the activities or programs entered into or developed during the year. This information will be most helpful in determining a course of direction for the newly elected chapter officers.

Is ultimately responsible for the submission of annual financial records to PPFA Headquarters.

Is available to the entire membership, especially the new members and guests. Should display constant enthusiasm and support for all chapter activities. Acknowledges each speaker’s appearance with a letter of thanks or gift on behalf of the chapter.

Keeps in contact with the entire picture framing and fine art industry by participating in as many related activities as possible. The chapter president should be available to other groups to promote the image of picture framing and PPFA.

Maintains close contact with the PPFA board of directors and other chapters on official business. A free exchange of ideas and suggestions is necessary to eliminate misunderstandings and to keep abreast with all of the programs available to members of PPFA.

Reviews and carries out duties as outlined in chapter bylaws.

Vice President/President-Elect:

Assists the president

Presides in the absence of the president; in case of vacancy, or in the event the President cannot fulfill their role in the office of President, the Vice President shall perform the duties for the remainder of the term.

Has charge of committee work in general or as directed by the president or the board. Oversees activities of other officers and functional chairpersons. A written position description should be prepared for each officer and committee chairperson. The vice president should stress how their responsibilities enter into the overall planned chapter activities. Each committee should be reviewed periodically and individual performance should be noted. Committee participants are prime candidates to become future officers.


Takes notes of whatever business comes before an assembly, and from those notes, prepares and reads the minutes – which are the official record of the proceedings of the organization when approved by the membership.

Is responsible for the completion of the official Minutes of Annual Meeting the “Secretary’s Certification of Resolution” and submitting to PPFA within 30 days of annual meeting.

Has available for the president the list of business or agenda items for each meeting.

Keeps all records, except those specifically assigned to others, such as the treasurer’s books.

Sends out and posts notices from members and PPFA. Reads all communications at meetings (thank-you notes, letters of concern, etc.)

Maintains roll of members and calls roll when necessary.

Maintains a list of standing and special committees, as well as the chapter’s structure and bylaws.

Counts and records votes when taken.

Calls meetings to order in the absence of a presiding officer.

Has the secretary’s handbook on hand at each meeting, which includes: secretary’s official minutes of previous meeting, lists of committees and committee reports, and copies of bylaws and certificate of incorporation.

Reviews and carries out other duties as outlined in chapter bylaws.


Serves as the official custodian of the funds of the organization and as the disbursing officer.

Responsible for keeping accurate records of income and disbursements.

Responsible for submitting the chapter’s current bank balance at the close of the fiscal year (September 30) to PPFA.

Prepares all required financial reports to submit to PPFA. All financial records shall be audited annually. The auditor or auditing committee shall submit a report certifying the correctness of the treasurer’s report. Upon acceptance of the audit, the treasurer shall be relieved of financial responsibility for the period of report, except where fraud exists.

Collects and deposits chapter rebates from PPFA Headquarters on a quarterly basis.

Co-signs checks with one of the following: President or Vice President.

Devises appropriate ways-and-means of financing chapter activities.

Reports to the membership at each meeting, or such time as directed by the board, the financial condition of the chapter.

Delivers, at the end of his term, to his successor all monies, books, papers and all available belongings of the chapter, which are in his possession.

Membership Coordinator:

Responsible for membership activities. Should understand member benefits and have an understanding of chapter activities. President and other board members should make sure the membership coordinator has all the information needed.

Calls and greets new members.

Sends new members a list of board members (with addresses, phone numbers, etc.), chapter newsletter or list of upcoming events.

Calls new members before upcoming events during the first months of their membership.

Greets new members (and others) at events – all board members should wear name tags identifying themselves as board members.

Sets up table (with membership info/handouts) at events to recruit non-members to become members of PPFA.

Assists president and board in coordinating a push for new members – perhaps make this a once-a-year activity.

Communications Coordinator/Social media & Newsletter Editor:

Responsible for the production of a regular newsletter including writing, printing and mailing. If a newsletter is not feasible for the chapter this individual is responsible for seeing that information does get to the chapter members in other ways, such as flyers, postcards or e-mail. As this is the most time-consuming job in a chapter you may wish to have several board members responsible for submitting regular articles to the newsletter editor.

Event Coordinator:

Assists President with meeting details, including food and beverages.

Solicits ideas and makes suggestions for programs and potential meeting locations and topics. Takes in account all Chapter members interests, suggestions, needs and requests.

Works with guest speaker to ensure needs are met.


Responsible for maintaining a chapter library, and brings to all PPFA events.

Board Members (Retail & Wholesale Directors):

4 Retail, 2 Supplier.
Board members attend most meetings and lend support to the chapter as needed.